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Rails 2016 Blu-ray disc now available.

The latest Blu-ray is now available all in HD, featuring “The flying Scotsman & many  more Steam locomotive, both on heritage & Network rail .. Take a look at all the Discs available on the “Blu-ray” page of the site.

Royal Scot on the NYMR

Many will already know that 46100 Royal scot is to visit the North York Moors Railway – the dates for running are  25th, 26th, 28th, 29th & the 30th of March & the 1st & 2nd of April 2017 see the NYMR web for events at

Downtime now fixed

We are up and running again – thanks go to our web host for their help and excellent service… now browse till you hearts content..

Problem with Galleries

Sorry that you cannot see the Galleries at the moment, this has been caused by a 3rd party plugin compatibility issue – once our web guru gets to work I’m sure it will be fixed.. please visit us at a future date.

Blu-ray discs – look now.

We now have available some of Raycam’s video discs, they are only available as Blu-rays (NOT DVDs) – they are all on the Railway subject and most cover a calendar year of both heritage & network Railways within our region, with exception to one all are in HD.

Take a look at the “Blu-ray” page for the current collection, If you see anything you like then contact us & we’ll send you the order form via your email address.

Each disc is just £12-50p (INC.P&P) – Please note: we do not have an electronic payment system, so a cheque or postal order would be needed, goods would be dispatched after cheque clearance has taken place.

Scotty at the NYMR

During the week that the “Flying Scotsman” visited the NYMR I made two visits, the first to Levisham on the first Sunday, it was manic…. no not on the Railway on the road, idiots with huge 4X4s causing havoc on a roads that is not really adequate to take even the smallest of cars. – but other than the misty conditions I managed some good video, so it was worth taking nearly 50 minutes to do the few miles from Levisham back onto the Pickering to Whitby road.

My second visit, on the Wednesday proved even more annoying – the cheeky Scarborough & Whitby council were charging £5 to park in the carpark that is nothing but a mud bath (normal price for 2 hours is £2-20)…but that was not the end of it… someone decided to fall from the Platform edge onto the track causing the departure of the Scotsman to be around 20 minutes late… all I wanted was a few stills of the Loco (see ex LNER portion of the web page)

The Esk & The Wandsbeck

Over the last 2 weekends in March we have seen 2 top & tailed Steam excursions in our area, the first was “The Esk” with the K4 & B1 taking the strain & secondly “The Wansbeck” with the K1 & B1  again, The photographic conditions for “The Wansworth” were less than favourable with mist and low cloud giving some trouble. Several photos are posted under Ex LNER Locomotives on the site from both of the excursions.

The Wandsworth

The 30th of March saw “The Wandsworth” in the North East Toped & Tailed By the K1 & the K4, I photographed them at Cragg Hall near Carlin How, to see 2 Steam locomotives on this line was something that I have never seen – there were many supporters tuned out and quite a crowd appeared, in some cases making it quite difficult for motorists who were just passing through.- But what a sight! You can see some photographs on RayCam under EX LNER, Take a look.

More pictures on “friends of Raycam”

Go to the “friends of Raycam” page to view the latest updates of other Photographers that put their Rail photographs on this site, and don’t forget you too can display your photographs on this web by arranging with me via the “contact” page…… Let’s see some of your stuff, the more friends Raycam has the better, don’t just leave it to the few!! become a Friend now..

Danby Esk Vally Line

The NYMR are running Trains once again on the Esk Valley line to Battersby during their Spring Gala week, so I’m off today to take what I hope to be a good set of photographs near the Danby Moors Centre, you get a good view of the line once you have crossed the occupation crossing – don’t forget – Don’t trespass on the Railway.