Scotty at the NYMR

During the week that the “Flying Scotsman” visited the NYMR I made two visits, the first to Levisham on the first Sunday, it was manic…. no not on the Railway on the road, idiots with huge 4X4s causing havoc on a roads that is not really adequate to take even the smallest of cars. – but other than the misty conditions I managed some good video, so it was worth taking nearly 50 minutes to do the few miles from Levisham back onto the Pickering to Whitby road.

My second visit, on the Wednesday proved even more annoying – the cheeky Scarborough & Whitby council were charging £5 to park in the carpark that is nothing but a mud bath (normal price for 2 hours is £2-20)…but that was not the end of it… someone decided to fall from the Platform edge onto the track causing the departure of the Scotsman to be around 20 minutes late… all I wanted was a few stills of the Loco (see ex LNER portion of the web page)